Approved For All Water Providers

Pittsburgh Backflow Testing is approved to provide backflow testing for all water providers in the Greater Pittsburgh or Western Pennsylvania Region

Because Pittsburgh Backflow Testing's technicians are certified by the American Society of Sanitary Engineering International, our credentials are recognized and approved by every water provider in the state of Pennsylvania.

Every water provider is required by the PA Safe Drinking Water Act and also by the PA Public Utility Commission to have a Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention program implemented and in place to protect the safety of our drinking water.

The various water companies and water authorities rely on the capable expertise and training of qualified inspectors to ensure that all of our drinking water remains free from any contamination.

Pittsburgh Backflow Testing is dedicated to upholding the standards that have been put in place to safeguard the public water supply, and our State Certified or Qualified Backflow Assembly Tester will provide you, your family, your company, and your community with the peace of mind in knowing that you have hired the most competent and professional plumbers in Pittsburgh.

Water Providers / Water Authorities

Pittsburgh Backflow Testing is approved to perform Backflow Prevention Tests for the following water providers.


  • Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority: PWSA
  • Pennsylvania American Water
  • West View Water Authority
  • Wilkinsburg-Penn Joint Water Authority
  • Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County
  • Municipal Authority of the Township of Robinson
  • Moon Township Municipal Authority
  • Monroeville Municipal Authority
  • Richland Township Water Authority
  • Oakmont Water Authority
  • Sewickley Borough Water Authority
  • Sharpsburg Borough Water
  • Springdale Borough Water
  • Springdale Township Water
  • Harmar Water Authority
  • Plum Borough Municipal Authority
  • Findlay Township Municipal Authority
  • Hampton Shaler Water Authority
  • Fawn-Frazer Joint Water Authority
  • Aliquippa Water Authority
  • Creswell Heights Joint Authority
  • Western Allegheny County Municipal Authority

If your water provider is not listed here, don't worry - We are approved and can take care of your testing needs.